Introduction of Market Profile (TPO) Glossary – Professional Support by Official NinjaTrader Consultant

The Volume Profile chart displays market-generated information in such a way as to graphically
show the relationship between time, price and volume. To accomplish this, the chart uses a
series of alphabetical letters to represent 30 minute time periods. Each letter is known as a
“TPO”, for Time Price Opportunity, and shows the range through which the price traded during
that 30-minute period.

  1. Opening Range : The dark blue sidebar to the left of the TPO’s highlights the first two minutes of the session,
    known as the Opening Range.
  2. Initial Balance (IB) : The red sidebarmarks the range of the first hour of trading,
    known as the Initial Balance or IB.
  3. The yellow sidebar indicates 1½ times the range of the Initial Balance,
  4. And the pale green sidebar indicates twice the range of the Initial Balance.,
  5. And next light shade for 3 times of Initial Balance.

NinjaTrader Market Profile TPO Chart

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