Introduction of AlgoTrading by Using NinjaTrader on Indian MCX Market – Professional Support by NinjaTrader Indian Vendor

1. Trading account with India’s leading discount broker Zerodha.

2. Need to register for Zerodha’s Kite API which will cost you Rs 2,000 Per Month.

To know more about Zerodha Kite API, Click here

To enable Zerodha Kite API, Click here

3. Download and install free NinjaTrader7.

Click here

4. Download and Install our AlgOto application to interact between Zerodha Kite API and NinjaTrader.

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5. Download and Install KiteBridge to interact between AlgOto and NinjaTrader

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6. Develop your trading strategy in NinjaTrader and relax. No emotion will ride you to wrong trades anymore!!

Algo trading on Indian MCX Crude

What is AlgOto ?

AlgOto is a trading platform developed on top of Zerodha Kite API , which lets Zerodha clients to use world’s leading charting applications with Indian market data without paying or subscribing to additional market data service provider.

How AlgOto works ?

It works as a trading platform with functions allowed by Zerodha Kite API and it feeds market data to charting applications such as NinjaTrader. AlgOto by default comes with NinjaTrader bridge which lets you place orders from Ninja Strategies to Kite API.

What are the features of AlgOto ?

Built-in NinjaTrader bridge
BO, CO orders with limit price
BO, CO orders at any market !!
Bucket Order
Auto Pre-Open Order firing

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