Financial Algorithms provide advance programming services for hedge funds and retail traders. Final employees have many years of programming experience and understand the high demands of the trading industry. We can deliver tailor made solutions for industry leading tools like NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaTrader, eSignal and more.

Final Market Balance

Final MarketBalance is a unique way to view prices, bid, ask and volume together on the same chart while showing the relation between market powers as they change during the trading session.


TPO and Volume Profile Chart

Provides a complete TPO (AKA MarketProfile) and Volume chart solution that is integrates fully with NinjaTrader Chart Trader, other indicators and chart drawing tools.

Main Features

  • Complete TPO and Volume Chart Implementation.
  • Fully integrated with NinjaTrader Chart Trader , other indicators (applicable only for some indicators) and chart drawing tools. Use NinjaTrader Chart tool bar, Context Menu and Hot Keys for Fast Access to Operations.
  • Flexible Session Hours Configuration (e.g. Globex, RTH) Using NinjaTrader 7 Session Manager.
  • Splits Sessions into Multiple Profiles and Merges Multiple Sessions to One Profile.
  • HVN/LVN, 2nd Value Area, Single Print, Long term profiles and more

Market Profile Lines

Show Volume histogram and Developing Value area and POC (Point of control).

Main Features

  • Volume Distribution.
  • See Value Area/POC as they develop.
  • See Previous Value Area/POC Values projected.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Purchase for $249 (through PayPal)

TPO and Volume Profile Chart – Range Select

Manual draw and adjust profiles.

Main Features

  • Manually draw custom sessions on any chart.
  • Draw multiple sessions, Delete and adjust any session.
  • Easy session modification with mouse drag & drop.
  • Automatically save and reload plotted sessions.

Delta Divergence & Accumulated Delta

Delta describe the net difference between the buying and selling entering the market.
It is calculated by subtracting the volume transacted at the bid price from the volume transacted at the ask price.
Trades that occur at the ask price are trades that initiated by aggressive buyers.
Trades that occur at the bid price are considered to be initiated by aggressive sellers.
Thus, a positive delta would reflect more aggressive buying as the result of motivated buyers lifting the ask.
A negative delta would reflect more aggressive selling as the result of motivated sellers hitting the bid.


Delta Divergence Indicator show the delta of each bar as Histogram Accumulated Delta show the development of delta over the session or between sessions.

Main Features

  • Show Delta or Accumulated Delta.
  • Filter to see only large transactions (Blocks).
  • Show historical data
  • Purchase now for $149 (through PayPal)
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