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Volume drives the price (Behind the Scene)


True Data now offers NinjaTrader7 & NinjaTrader8 RealTime Data feed

TrueData™ Velocity

The Ultimate Market Data Plugin Software For Traders & Investors Work With Any Time Frame Back Adjusted in Split and Bonus Run Multiple TA Application Simultaneously Optimized and Affordable Data Plugin Software An Advanced & Smart Plugin Automatically Connects With Your TA  No Need To Login Every time Auto Backfill Updated In 2 Seconds Most Reliable […]

Introduction of Orderflow Bars on Nickel MCX

Anatomy of Orderflow Bars

Introduction of Orderflow Bar Vs Candlestick Bar – Elite Support from Authorised NinjaTrader Vendor

Order flow analysis is a visual representation of market price movements constructed by recording the volume traded on the bid and the offer as opposed to just looking solely at price. The value in order flow analysis is in instantly confirming market tops and bottoms when they form, determining where changes in supply and demand […]

How to understand Volume on MCX Crude Trading by using Gomi Orderflow Tools

How to read Onelottrader Orderbook on Indian MCX Market Professional Support by Official NinjaTrader Partner

Below is a quick summary screen of the book and it’s display. 1. The best bids and total quantity bid for at these price levels. 2. The best offers and the total quantity asked for at these price levels. 3. This column records what cumulatively traded at this price level the last time price was […]

How to read Market Profile (TPO) Chart on NinjaTrader – Professional Support Offered by NinjaTrader Indian Vendor

Understanding of Market Profile Price Open Type – Introduction of TPO Market Profile for Indian NSE & MCX Market

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