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Volume drives the price (Behind the Scene)


Introduction of Orderflow Bars on Nickel MCX

Introduction of Orderflow Bar Vs Candlestick Bar – Elite Support from Authorised NinjaTrader Vendor

Order flow analysis is a visual representation of market price movements constructed by recording the volume traded on the bid and the offer as opposed to just looking solely at price. The value in order flow analysis is in instantly confirming market tops and bottoms when they form, determining where changes in supply and demand […]

Introduction of Market Profile (TPO) Glossary – Professional Support by Official NinjaTrader Consultant

The Volume Profile chart displays market-generated information in such a way as to graphically show the relationship between time, price and volume. To accomplish this, the chart uses a series of alphabetical letters to represent 30 minute time periods. Each letter is known as a “TPO”, for Time Price Opportunity, and shows the range through […]

NinjaTrader8 Officially relesed “Orderflow + ” Suite

A new feature set named “Order Flow +”. This feature set will be in beta and include the following tools: • Volumetric bars (footprint style chart) • Market Depth Map • Trade Detector indicator • Cumulative Delta indicator • VWAP indicator

Global Data Feeds (GFDL) now RT Data supports to NinjaTrader version 8 – 32 & 64 bit -Professional Support offered by Official Consultant of NinjaTrader

How to read and understand Gomi OrderflowPro Printed bar on Indian MCX Crude – Elite Support offered by Indian Partner

When reading an order flow chart, you compare price on the bid against the offer, diagonally. Not horizontally. Markets have a bid and offer. What you want to do is compare their relationship. An order flow chart allows a trader to see the volume traded on the bid and the volume traded on the offer.You […]

How to achieve 1000 Points on MCX Crude Mini Lots – Professional Trader’s Trading Diary

Day 1  02.01.17 – 290 Points Day 2  03.01.17 – 150 Points Day 3  10.01.17 –  78 Points Day 4  12.01.17 –  207 Points Day 5  13.01.17 –  50 Points Day 6  16.01.17 –  37 Points Day 7  17.01.17 –  60 Points Day 8  18.01.17 –  60 Points Day 9  19.01.17 –  50 Points Day […]

Introducing NinjaTrader8 with Gomiorderflowpro tool for Indian MCX & NSE Market with Real Time Data feed offered by Official Indian Partner

Genuine new dimension orderflow analysis for terms of execution with greater accuracy for Indian NSE and MCX Market Swing Trading, Learn from the Active Orderflow Trader. Live Trade Room Support by official NinjaTrader Partner of India

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