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Introduction of Orderflow Bar Vs Candlestick Bar – Elite Support from Authorised NinjaTrader Vendor

Order flow analysis is a visual representation of market price movements constructed by recording the volume traded on the bid and the offer as opposed to just looking solely at price. The value in order flow analysis is in instantly confirming market tops and bottoms when they form, determining where changes in supply and demand […]

How to understand Volume on MCX Crude Trading by using Gomi Orderflow Tools

How to achieve 1000 Points on MCX Crude Mini Lots – Professional Trader’s Trading Diary

Day 1  02.01.17 – 290 Points Day 2  03.01.17 – 150 Points Day 3  10.01.17 –  78 Points Day 4  12.01.17 –  207 Points Day 5  13.01.17 –  50 Points Day 6  16.01.17 –  37 Points Day 7  17.01.17 –  60 Points Day 8  18.01.17 –  60 Points Day 9  19.01.17 –  50 Points Day […]

Funded Account to trade on Nymex Crude

This is your opportunity to make money without risking personal trading capital .We provide the resources traders need to develop, learn and succeed in the trading industry. You don’t just want someone to teach you to trade.  You want someone who will help you get money in your hands to trade. We funds traders who […]

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